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Workplace Injuries

Inertia Physiotherapists understand that workplace injuries can lead to frustration where rehabilitation is concerned with the entire process often viewed as a daunting and somewhat never-ending task.

Let our Physiotherapists take the stress out of your rehabilitation by working with you, your casemanagers, GP’s and specialists to ensure you get back on your feet and return to work within an appropriate timeframe and with less worry.

Our Physiotherapists are experts when it comes to workplace injury treatment and helping you navigate the complexities of the WorkCover system with ease. Our Physiotherapists deal with workplace injury on a regular basis.

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What you should do if you have a Work Place Injury or Workcover Injury?

If you have injured yourself at work there are a few steps you should take to assist your recovery process.

1. Notify your employer of your injury

Notify them of when the injury occurred and how you sustained it. Each workplace will have an individual workplace protocol regarding this procedure. You may need to enquire with you manager or human resources department as to your process.

2. Make an appointment to be seen by your local G.P.

Your local G.P will be able to evaluate your workplace injury and assess if it requires any radiology or imaging. They will also be able to advise or prescribe you appropriate medication that may be able to help alleviate your pain.

3. Attain Referral for Physiotherapy and workcover certificate for your employer.

Your G.P will be able to provide you with a Physiotherapy referral and workcover certificate. To attend Physiotherapy under the Return to Work SA scheme you will be required to present a referral on your first appointment. This will allow you to attend Physiotherapy under Worker Cover Physiotherapy.

4. Report Your Injury to RTWSA and Call your Workcover Claims Specialist.

This can be completed together with you employer. Please follow the link below to take you to the Return to Work SA website with further instructions on how to lodge a claim.

In South Australia there are two Main Claims Agents, these are Gallagher Bassett who can be contacted on 1800 774 177 or Employers Mutual 1800 688 825. Some workplaces are self insured and you may need to check with your workplace regarding the procedures for claiming.

When contacting the Workcover Insurer ensure that you have your contact details, your employers details, the details of your workcover injury, including when and where it occurred.

Any medical information from your doctor and treatment information.

These claims specialist will ask for further information as it is required

5. It is important to attain a Claim Number from your Workcover Injury Specialist and bring this information to your Physiotherapy appointment

This claim number will ensure we know who we are dealing with and the cost of your treatment can be forwarded onto the Workcover Insurer if your claim is an accepted claim.

What Happens during your Initial Workcover Injury Physiotherapy Consultation?

On your Initial appointment with your Physiotherapist you will be required to fill in some paper work regarding your workplace and duties. It is important to bring as much information you may already have, such as any scans or imaging that may have been performed. Your Physiotherapist will complete an examination of you and your injury and put in place a plan to begin your recovery. At times your Physiotherapist may need to communicate with your workcover claims specialist to attain approvals for your treatment prior to beginning your treatment plan.

Can I select my own Physiotherapist or Physiotherapy Practice to attend my Rehabilitation while under the Return to Work SA scheme for my Workcover Work Place Injury?

The short answer is Yes! Your local Dr or specialist or claims manager or consultant may suggest to you specific providers that maybe local to you or have a good reputation, but these are only suggestions. We have been dealing with many workcover and workplace injury claims specialists, doctors and surgeons who trust us with the rehabilitation of their patients for many years. We are able to communicate with your doctor or claims agents with your permission of course and can provide updates to all ensuring all parties are on the same page to ensure your rehabilitation is as seamless as possible.

What is Inertia Health Group’s Physiotherapy Treatment for My Workcover or Work Place injury?

It is important to remember we treat you like you would be any other patient within our clinic- We just have to do a little more paperwork!. The first steps are as follows:

1. We gain an understanding as how you were injured what your job may entail and what the injury is that you have suffered.

This is important because it allows us to understand what your injury is what your rehabilitation needs to look like and where you need to be at the end of your journey to ensure you can return to work hopefully fitter and stronger than before you sustained your injury. It also allows us to plan what your rehabilitation plan will look like and allows you to understand how long you may be off work or on modified duties for.

2. We Begin Physiotherapy Treatment of Your Workcover or Work Place Injury

A key Part of our Physiotherapy Treatment Plan is education. You need to simply understand what your workplace or workcover injury is and how Physiotherapy can help you. Alternatively we your Physiotherapist may suggest you need further specialist input and can assist in making this call with you and your doctor to ensure you are receiving the best available care.

We perform hands on Physiotherapy treatment of your injury where indicated. Why? Because this is a great way to encourage pain relief. When you combine this with education and understanding of why we are mobilising your joints, or massaging you muscles or releasing trigger points to encourage movement we see our best results and recovery.

We also can utilise dry needling or western acupuncture to assist with pain relief and reduction in tissue tension.

We incorporate a graduated strength, conditioning and loading program tailored to your needs. Our belief bed exercises and band exercise only gets us so far. Within our workcover or workplace injury Physiotherapy treatment we utilise our In house gym strength and conditioning facility. This allows your physiotherapist to see you through your initial stages of treatment all the way through to your work hardening program. Again here is where we see our best results. We can also refer you to see our in house Exercise Physiologist who can oversee your strength program and work closely with you treating Physiotherapist.

We constantly evaluate our treatments by using outcome measures to ensure we are progressing and heading in the right direction with you.

We can work with your doctor, specialist or workcover claims manager to assist in implementing modified duties programs to help you back to work in due course with the right duties and loads placed on your body at the right time to allow for healing but also workplace hardening.

3. Will you attend a Workcover case conferences or correspondence with my Workcover Doctor or Claims specialist if needed?

Yes, we believe that being part of a complete treating team allows us the best results when it comes to your recovery. It is important that all branches of the team are on the same page when it comes to your recovery and communication in the form of attending case conferences or providing updates is critical to see a smooth process of recovery.

Inertia Health Group Physiotherapists approach to Physiotherapy treatment of my Workcover or Workplace Injury?

Our Inertia Physiotherapists are able to work with you from the acute phase of your injury through to the end phase or work hardening phase of your injury. Our Physiotherapists work with you to alleviate your pain then work with you and your treating team to ensure you receive the best care. Our goal is to see you return from your injury stronger more confident and resilient than you were you before you sustained your workcover or workplace injury.

We use our in house team of Remedial Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Podiatrists and Dietitians to ensure you are receiving the best care and support along your recovery journey from your Workcover or Workplace injury. We look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon!

COVID-19 Update - We Are Open

Our Clinic has been classified as an essential service to the community. We assist by trying to keep people healthy as possible and out of surgeries and decrease hospital admissions. At Inertia Health Group we are working hard to keep our patients and team members as safe as possible.

Due to our strict infection control procedures we have been deemed a low risk clinic- we have all completed the government COVID -19 Infection Control Risk Course and have implemented new waiting room procedures as well as intensified our cleaning procedures completing these regularly through the day. We have also implemented a virtual health service for those who require advice or assistance and cannot attend the clinic.

We appreciate our patients doing the right thing also!

Please call us with any questions or concerns 08 8359 2022.