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What is Sports Podiatry?

Sports Podiatry is the branch of Podiatry where Podiatrists are involved with diagnosing and treating sports related Injury’s to the lower limb and feet of elite, semi-professional and recreational athletes or sports people. Typically people think that Podiatry is a speciality that only deals with feet, toe nails and callus’s. However, this is not quite true at all. Sports Podiatrists are experts and extremely skilled when it comes to sports injuries to the feet and lower limbs. Podiatrists in general are experts at analysing locomotion or gait (running or walking patterns) which have an impact on athletic performance and also injury as well as injury prevention when it is attended to early.

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What does a Sports Podiatrist do?

Sports Podiatry can include a large scope of particular Podiatry care that can include the following:


What are Common Conditions Treated by A Sports Podiatrist?

It is beneficial to seek advice and treatment from a Sports Podiatrist for a number of conditions, some of the most common conditions Sports Podiatrists see are:

When Should I see a Sports Podiatrist?

If you sustain a sports injury that does not require emergency care it is important to consult with your Sports Podiatrist as soon as possible. This will lead to the best outcome from diagnosis of the injury to appropriate acute care and management of the sports injury by your Sports Podiatrist. They will be able to then devise for you and with you an early intervention and management program speeding up your recovery and return to sport.

How can a Sports Podiatrist Treatment Help?

Sports Podiatry employs various Biomechanical Assessment options as a cornerstone to investigating lower limb function and then directing the treatment process. Sports Podiatrists want to understand why you have become injured and how it has occurred.

Sports Podiatry treatment includes some of the following modalities:

The 6 Key Benefits to Starting Your Sports Injury Podiatry Program Early

What am I risking by not rehabilitating my Injury?

If we were to answer this question by looking at the research it is likely that these are the some of the things you may encounter-

Please remember early intervention for sports injury has the best overall outcome.

What is the Inertia Podiatry Approach to Sports Podiatry?

Inertia’s approach to managing Sports Injury is quite simple- Do as much as we can with what we have available to us to ensure you stay active and fit during your recovery. This might include modifying gym programming or tapering run programming, maybe performing movements specific to your sport in an unloaded gym environment. We’ve got you covered from the ice pack back to the weights rack and the running track!

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Due to our strict infection control procedures we have been deemed a low risk clinic- we have all completed the government COVID -19 Infection Control Risk Course and have implemented new waiting room procedures as well as intensified our cleaning procedures completing these regularly through the day. We have also implemented a virtual health service for those who require advice or assistance and cannot attend the clinic.

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