Post Operative Physiotherapy and Inertia Physiotherapy

Inertia Physiotherapists are experts in the Rehabilitation of Patients who have undergone various surgical procedures.

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy for Surgery

Post Operative Physiotherapy care is critical in the successful outcome of surgery. Whilst your skilled surgeon would have performed a successful surgery the long term result and prognosis lies in how well you perform your postoperative rehabilitation, recovery and care protocol.

Inertia Physiotherapists are experts in guiding you through your post operative rehabilitation programs and protocols.

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What does Post Operative Physiotherapy involve?

In orthopaedic surgery your hospital Physiotherapist will usually have some criteria for you to meet to ensure you can be discharged home. It may also involve reaching certain range of motion goal or mobilisation goal. Your hospital Physiotherapist will provide you with a set of exercises to begin at home which our Physiotherapists will usually build on. Often you are reviewed again by your surgeon with the first few weeks of your surgery to check your wounds and healing and for removal of stitches to reassess improvement.

Inertia Post Operative Rehabilitation Programs

Inertia Physiotherapists work with you and your surgeon to ensure your post operative goals are being met. Inertia Physiotherapy post operative rehabilitation programs are usually broken up in to three to four phases depending on what the orthopaedic surgery being performed is.

Phase 1 Acute Phase Rehabilitation


Treatment Techniques

Physiotherapy during this phase will usually consist of pain control and allowing the area to settle and heal. It will usually consist of light exercises for maintaining range of motion and very light activation exercises depending on what your surgery has been.

Phase 2 Sub Acute Phase Rehabilitation


Treatment Techniques

Physiotherapy during the Sub Acute Phase of rehabilitation is focussed on restoring function through gradual progression of exercise and loading. This is to ensure the area that has been operated on begins to be able to function as normally as possible with light activity. Ideally we aim to restore as much range of motion as we can respecting healing limitations, as well has begin the process of restoring strength to the tissue around the surgery but also involved in the rest of the body’s movement and function. Ultimately we want to begin to get you moving again and more independent.

Phase 3 Functional Phase Rehabilitation


Treatment Techniques

Physiotherapy in the Functional Phase of Rehabilitation is to ensure your normal function is achieved, normal strength and range of motion is achieved and you are set up nicely with a progressive strengthening and mobility program to ensure you get the most from your surgical outcomes within what is advised by your orthopaedic surgeon.

Phase 4 Maximise Human Potential


Treatment Techniques

Not all patients will choose to enter this phase of rehabilitation. This is more the active patients who wish to resume sporting activity or high-level activity.

It is important to note however, the timing of all these phases can be mixed and blended depending on your individual surgery, healing times and progression through your rehabilitation program ensuring your milestones set with yourself and your Physiotherapist are being met.

Our Inertia Physiotherapists See a Wide Variety of Post Surgery Patients and are Highly experienced in the Recovery and Rehabilitation Protocols for them. Inertia Physiotherapist Provide Rehabilitation Programs for the Following Surgical Conditions and Many More:

Neck & BackShoulderHipKnee
Cervical Disc Surgery and FusionsRotator Cuff Tear & Repair SurgeryTotal Hip Replacement SurgeryMeniscus tear Surgery
Lumbar Disc Surgery and FusionsBursa Removal and Decompression SurgeryGluteal Tear Repair SurgeryKnee Replacement Surgery
Disc Decompression SurgeryAC joint SurgeryGluteal BursectomyPartial Knee Replacement Surgery
Vertebral Laminectomy SurgeryShoulder Stabilisation SurgeryFemur Fracture RehabilitationACL Tear and Repair Surgery
Microdisectomy SurgeryShoulder Reconstruction SurgeryNeck Of Femur (NOF)Fracture and Stabilisation SurgeryHigh Tibial Osteotomy Surgery
Scoliosis SurgeryTotal Shoulder Replacement SurgeryLabral Tear SurgeryArthroscopic Surgery
Spinal Fracture Surgery and RehabilitationReverse Total Shoulder Replacement SurgeryAdductor Tenotomy SurgeryPatella Tendon Surgery 
 Humeral Head FractureHamstring Tendon Reattachment SurgeryQuadricep Tendon Surgery
 Collar Bone Fracture and Stabilisation SurgeryHip Fractures and SurgeryTibial Fracture Stabilisation Surgery
 Scapula Fracture Tibial Plateau Surgery
   Osteochondral Surgery
Elbow Fracture And Stabilisation SurgeryScaphoid Fracture SurgeryCarpal tunnel release.Ankle Ligament Repair SurgeryMetatarsal Fracture Foot Surgery
Common Extensor Repair SurgeryCarpal Tunnel Release SurgeryDupuytren's contracture fasciectomy. Ankle Replacement SurgeryBunion Foot Surgery
Common Flexor Repair SurgeryCarpal and Wrist Fracture SurgeryTrigger finger release.Achilles Rupture and repairHammer toe Foot surgery
Forearm Fracture SurgeryTFCC stabilisation SurgeryTendon repair surgeryAnkle Fracture and Repair SurgeryTendon Repair Surgery
Nerve Entrapment and Release Surgery Ganglion removal.Sinus Tarsi SurgeryPlantarfascia Surgery
  Knuckle (MCP joint) replacement. Fibula / Tibia Fracture Stabilisation Surgery5th Metatarsal Fracture Repair
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