Massage Dry Needling Adelaide

Dry Needling In Massage Therapy Adelaide

Dry Needling is a form or technique of myofascial release which involves the use of small, fine acupuncture needles to reduce the tension in tight spots or trigger points in the muscle. Your massage therapist can target these painful areas of tension, injury and muscle dysfunction with these needles to trigger a twitch response or muscle release.

Dry needling is extremely effective in achieving this muscle relaxation or release and can often result in pain relief and muscle relaxation, however it may be a tad sore in some spots after your initial treatment with them.

How Does Dry Needling Work in Massage Therapy?

Your massage therapist will utilise this form of treatment with you if they feel it will be beneficial to you either in isolation from your massage or in conjunction with your treatment, with your permission.

Dry needling works within your muscle tissue by eliciting a microtrauma. This stimulates a cascade of events involving both the neurological system and the body’s physiology to increase the body’s bloodflow to the area and an alteration in the chemical balance of the muscle tissue this helps improve the muscles relaxation and healing responses. The stimulation of the muscles pain receptors can also stimulate the neurological system to release opioids such as serotonin, dopamine and enkephalin from your brain to really stimulate a pain relieving effect, and relaxation of your muscles.

What is the Twitch Response from Dry Needling?

The twitch response is the muscles response to the stimulation of the acupuncture needle. This is highly effective in resetting the muscles length tension relationship resulting in an immediate relaxation of the muscles and kickstarting the healing process. The body releases a chemical called substance P as well as some other chemicals with an increase in blood flow to provide long lasting pain relief!

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Is Dry Needling Safe?

Yes, dry needling is very safe. There are certain factors that may make it unsuitable for Dry Needling or that require extra care to be taken. All the needles that we use in dry needling are sterile and are single use only, with proper safe needle disposal bins in room for safety. Our massage therapists have all undertaken specialised dry needling training.

Is Dry Needling Painful?

The good thing about dry needing is that it is generally less painful than a deep tissue massage, sure it might feel a bit weird and sometimes a little uncomfortable but its really not all too bad, many people report not being able to feel the needles at all when they are inserted! However, as mentioned you may feel that little muscle twitch or achey feeling, which gently settles. Sometimes you may feel a gentle warmth or a feeling of heaviness.
After you have had your dry needling treatment you may get some soreness or tightness for 24-48 hours. Some people report no real discomfort after treatment however, it can depend on where in the body you have the dry needling done.

Overall Dry Needling is an effective form of soft tissue release and is highly effective in relieving aches and pains, improving mobility and relaxing tight niggly spots in the body!

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