Personalised treatment
We work with you to develop a unique treatment plan specific to your needs

Are you attending our clinic for the first time?

After booking your initial appointment, we would greatly appreciate if you could arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time to complete all relevant and necessary New Patient Information Forms.

When you attend your first appointment, please remember to bring the following if you have it on hand:

What will happen during your initial consultation?

Your initial consultation with our practitioners will involve an assessment between 30-40 minutes depending on the complexity of your condition. Patients seeking Exercise and Dietetics consultations you will need to allow from 40 minutes up to 1 hour depending on the complexity of your case.

During the initial appointment the practitioner will have a comprehensive discussion with you in regards to your condition. Following on from this a comprehensive evaluation of your health condition will be undertaken from your practitioner. This may include specific orthopaedic or functional testing from your musculoskeletal practitioner or other more broad evaluations if you are seeing our Dietitian or Exercise Physiologist.

During your first session education of your condition will be discussed with you and if you are seeing our Physiotherapist or Podiatrist treatment will begin usually during the first session (depending on the condition or complexity, for example if we require further imaging or information this may be held off until the second session at times). If seeing our Exercise Physiologist they will work with you on implementing an exercise strategy plan or program to begin moving towards your goals with you. Our Dietitian will educate you to specific changes to your diet and work towards developing a treatment plan with you over coming sessions should you require that input and depending on your individual issue or condition. Our massage therapist will begin providing you with relief from the initial session and work with you to ensure you begin to feel better ASAP!

Are you seeing our Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist, Podiatrist or Massage Therapist?

Please wear or bring along with you, loose and comfortable clothing to assist in the completion of your assessment and treatment!

We look forward to work with you in achieving whatever your individual health goal may be to the best of our ability! If you have any questions of queries in regards to your appointment prior to attending please feel free to call our friendly reception staff on 08 8359 2022 and they will be more than happy to assist with your queries!

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COVID-19 Update - We Are Open

Our Clinic has been classified as an essential service to the community. We assist by trying to keep people healthy as possible and out of surgeries and decrease hospital admissions. At Inertia Health Group we are working hard to keep our patients and team members as safe as possible.

Due to our strict infection control procedures we have been deemed a low risk clinic- we have all completed the government COVID -19 Infection Control Risk Course and have implemented new waiting room procedures as well as intensified our cleaning procedures completing these regularly through the day. We have also implemented a virtual health service for those who require advice or assistance and cannot attend the clinic.

We appreciate our patients doing the right thing also!

Please call us with any questions or concerns 08 8359 2022.